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About us

The company, the solutions implemented and managed by it, and its team have been recognised by the United Nations, Google and Financial Times, EU, OECD, U.S State Department, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Our customers include multinationals, major banks, mobile network operators, and insurance companies, along with international organisations and a wide variety of other clients. Coming from Estonia – a leading digital country, we’re sharing the experience with the global community.

Everything is backed up with practical experience. Something to be proud of.

Not just theory. We’re one of few, that have launched from ground up, a national mobile-ID ecosystem connected to 650 e-services, and managed it to an inflexion point of 90M uses.


A local approach, with a global capacity to set-up in all parts of the world.

Solutions cannot simply be copied from one country to another. That’s why we work for executable goals, according to local conditions and capacities.

No vendor lock-in. No off-the-shelf products.

This approach is driven by the highest standards, fostering interoperability and connectivity locally, regionally, and globally with partners for business and political development.


Awards and recognitions

2021 The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) nominated B.EST Solutions mobile-ID Asan Imza for the WSIS Prize

2019 NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S Department of Commerce) Awarded B.EST Solutions for proposed SIM card technology on ID document provision

2018 The United Nations nominated B.EST Solutions Mobile-ID and Digital Trade Hub for the ITU’s WSIS Prize

2018 OECD’s Observatory of Public Sector Innovation recognized Best Solutions Mobile-ID managed in the Republic of Azerbaijan as an outstanding innovation example

2018 One World Identity (USA) awarded B.EST Solutions CEO as one of the top 100 influencers in identity

2017 Global MobileGOV award, Brighton, UK

2016 Google and Financial Times awarded B.EST Solutions CEO as top 100 innovative leaders and change-makers in Europe

2016 European Identity Award finalist

2015 Winner of NETTY, a National Internet Award of Azerbaijan

2013 Named IT Company of the Year at Azeri Business Awards

2013 Winner of the Best Design and Corporate identity Award in Estonia



EEMA, the European Association for e-Identity and Security.

Europe’s leading independent not-for-profit think tank including topics on identification, authentication, privacy, risk management, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and mobile applications.

X-ROAD® Technology Partner at NIIS (Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions)

Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS) is a non-profit association with the mission to ensure the development and strategic management of X-Road® and other cross-border components for e-government infrastructure.

FutureTrust Associate Partner.

FutureTrust is a European Commission-funded project whose main objective is to develop comprehensive, flexible, privacy-aware and ubiquitously usable trust infrastructure components for Europe.

The Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications.

Officially abbreviated as ITL, is a non-profit association uniting information and communication technology (ICT) companies and organisations. The combined turnover of the members of ITL is more than 67% of the total turnover of the Estonian ICT sector.

Member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

ECCI is the oldest and largest Estonian representative organization of entrepreneurs and was founded to represent and protect common interests of Estonian merchants, manufacturers, bankers and ship-owners in the year 1925.

Co-chair of GANMI (Global Alliance for National Mobile Identities)

Including Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Estonia, Iceland, Moldova, Norway, Oman, Switzerland and Turkey. GANMI was founded by organisations and companies operating national Mobile Identities. It aims to converge applicable standards in order to promote global interoperability of public and private digital services, extend supplier choice and reduce risk.

AZINNEX, Azerbaijan Consortium of Export Innovations

Established by 10 organizations operating in the information & communication sector in Azerbaijan.

Estonian Intelligent Transportation Systems, Partner

ITS unites the intelligent transportation and logistic systems (ITS) organisations in Estonia. It provides You easy access to Estonian achievements in the field of smart mobility and covers a wide range of innovative solutions that help users increase the effectiveness, safety and sustainability of transport and logistics.


Corporate social responsibility

B.est Solutions initiates and supports social projects involving ICT for reaching sustainable development goals. The company frequently participates in social activities, such as mentorship programs and is involved in sponsorship of ICT oriented conferences, workshops and events among the youth in rural areas.


Partners and clients