Celebrating a decade since the first “Asan Imza” was bestowed to the President of Azerbaijan

Today marks 10 years since the first “Asan Imza” certificate was granted to President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, laying the foundation for the country’s digital transformation. The qualified mobile digital signature technology – “Asan Imza”, developed by B.EST Solutions, has played a pivotal role in the country’s digitalization, and is widely used in various digital transactions and data security. The technology, developed by B.EST Solutions, the national operator of the “Asan Imza” service in partnership with the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy, was initially integrated into the electronic services of the State Tax Service to simplify the procedure of submitting electronic tax declarations.

The mobile digital signature “Asan Imza” has been integrated into over 2,000 electronic services in public and private sectors. Asan Imza has revolutionized the way we handle online processes. With a wide range of services including e-tax, customs procedures, customs declaration for goods, financial transactions, labor agreement registration, applications for subsidized housing, mortgage financing, remote bank account opening, online guarantees for participating in tenders, internet and mobile banking, electronic student admissions, personal account management on the electronic court portal, fine inquiries, social insurance and more.  Asan Imza has made online processes more user-friendly, efficient, and secure.

The use of “Asan Imza” continues to grow annually, with over 300 million transactions already completed. This innovative solution has proven to be trustworthy, with over 3 million certificates issued. “Asan Imza” Mobile ID is also integrated into the internal digital processes of public and private institutions, including banks, secure and legally documented information exchange is now possible. This is a significant step towards the digital transformation of enterprises in the country.

The protection of personal data and national security is a top priority for “Asan Imza” technology. Constantly evolving cryptographic algorithms are being developed to counter cyber threats. Modern biometric solutions have made great strides in facial recognition, but the challenge of distinguishing between a real person and a static image or video remains. This task requires high-tech and expensive solutions. Before introducing any new service, the criticality of the ‘Asan Imza’ infrastructure is carefully assessed. A thorough analysis is conducted to ensure compliance with international standards and national legislation, as well as the solution’s resilience against potential cyberattacks.  Additionally, ongoing research and practical implementation of new cryptographic solutions, including quantum-ready algorithms, are being carried out.

It is important to note that “Asan Imza” fully complies with the legislation requirements of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The electronic identity issuing procedures are strictly regulated by the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan ‘On electronic signatures and electronic documents and Resolution No. 27 of the Cabinet of Ministers ‘on the approval of some of the normative legal acts for electronic signature and electronic document in the Republic of Azerbaijan’ dated by January 28, 2006.  

“Asan Imza” is equivalent to a handwritten signature.  All procedures for user identification, security, and compliance with all international cryptography standards are strictly followed to ensure the interests of users and service providers. “Asan Imza” issuance is as carefully regulated as the issuance of ID document.

“Asan Imza” innovative experience is well-known internationally. It’s recognized by international organizations like NIST and OECD. It uses top-notch hardware and software, following industry standards like PKI, RSA, elliptic cryptography, and secure SIM cards. These parts have been thoroughly examined for over 25 years on many devices worldwide.

During this anniversary’ year, local and global events will introduce innovative practices in digital technology and cybersecurity, setting the stage for exciting future opportunities. Asan Imza tram invite everybody to collaborate and learn about the latest global practices in electronic signatures and international security standards.

“Asan Imza” mobile digital signature is introducing new services this year to simplify usage and enhance user experience. The team is conducting an analysis to ensure compliance with national laws and licensing requirements. These improvements will follow global standards and make the service more capable and user-friendly. “Asan Imza” aims to not only provide better online tools but also protect digital transactions and citizens’ capital from cyberattacks.

Let’s work together to advance Azerbaijan’s digital landscape!