B.EST Solutions at the e-Governance Conference 2023

B.EST Solutions CSO, Daniil Gussev co-facilitated a workshop at the e-Governance Conference 2023, 30-31 May in Tallinn, Estonia

Daniil Gussev, CSO of B.EST Solutions shared the workshop stage “Foundations of a digital society” with the representatives of ICT Cluster member companies from Cybernetica, SK ID Solutions, Wisercat, Proud Engineers, Nortal, Trinidad Wiseman, ADM Interactive and BCS Digital Skills Academy.

At this session, supported by the  African Union – European Union Digital for Development (D4D) Hub  project, the experts were placed on the “hot seat” and asked about the mistakes made along the road and potential failures to avoid to make digital transformation happen succesfully.

Daniil shared valuable insights regarding digital mobile ID in eSIM and SIM technology, implementation and trends. Mobile ID is a foundational solution for all countries looking to provide digital solutions for their citizens and businesses with inclusivity in mind.

Estonia has been able to build up one of the world’s prime digital societies, accumulating lessons learned along the way. The ecosystem that ensured the continuity and sustainability of public sector services for citizens and enterprises during the Covid-19 crisis, which has a demonstrable and tangible impact on improving citizen participation and quality of life. This provides resilience during any crisis, be it health-related or in the context of a war.

Estonian ICT Cluster members strongly believe that no matter the continent, countries around the world do not have to reinvent the wheel and can learn from the mistakes that we have made, and we are not ashamed to share them!

This year, the focus was on drivers for viable social change. From capacity-building, service design and AI, to fostering a culture of cybersecurity.

Get in touch with Daniil for more information on Mobile-ID at daniil.gussev@bestsolutions.ee