COVID passport can now be obtained with “Asan Imza”

“Asan Imza” mobile electronic signature users can now obtain a COVID passport on the official website of the State Agency of Mandatory Health Insurance and on “MyGov” portal.

On May 25th, 2021, the State Agency of Mandatory Health Insurance made a statement regarding the obtainment of COVID passports. There are two types of COVID passports: “COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate” and “COVID-19 Immunity Certificate”. A “Vaccine Certificate” is issued to individuals who have been vaccinated with two doses against the disease, and “Immunity Certificate” is issued to the individuals who who were infected and have recovered.

In order to obtain these certificates on the official website of the State Agency of Mandatory Health Insurance, one needs to open “Şəxsi Kabinetə giriş (enter personal account)” subsection under the E-xidmətlər section ( This section is also integrated into the “MyGov” portal.

The user has to enter the “ASAN Login” system by using “Asan Imza” mobile electronic signature and select the “Digər xidmətlər (Other services)” section in the opening window.

When selecting the “Digər xidmətlər” section, the screen displays the following options: “COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate” or “COVID-19 Immunity Certificate”. If a citizen has been vaccinated, s/he needs to select “COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate”. An individual, that was infected and has recovered needs to select the “COVID-19 Immunity Certificate”.

The obtained COVID passport can be downloaded in electronic format, and/or received in a printed version. Authenticity verification of the COVID passport is possible by using the “QR Code” from the document.
Additionally, citizens may obtain a COVID passport through the “E-Təbib” mobile application.

Importantly, when using an active number with “Asan Imza” service, one can receive important messages from government agencies and other e-service providers directly to the given number. Accordingly, it is strongly recommended to obtain the “Asan Imza” service on an active SIM-card, and there is no need to acquire a new number.

More than 1000 electronic services offered by public and private organizations are available with the “Asan Imza” mobile electronic signature. With a mobile identity, one may access vital electronic services, such as filling electronic tax returns; online credit; declaring goods and vehicles at customs; provision of notifications on labor contract to workers; application for affordable housing on preferential terms; opening bank accounts remotely; online issuance of tender guarantee; limitless transactions and internet and mobile banking.