B.EST Solutions Mobile ID presented at e-Estonia Digital Discussions

On March 10, 2021, Daniil Gussev – CSO of B.EST Solutions – participated in the e-Estonia Digital Discussions session on digital identity, alongside representatives from SK ID Solutions and Proud Engineers.

E-Estonia Digital Discussions is an online event series on diverse topics of digitalisation, hosting leading experts from the Estonian government and IT industry, organised by the e-Estonia Briefing Centre. The most recent session on digital identity hosted over 240 international participants from countries such as Argentina, USA, Spain, Belgia, India and many more.

B.EST Solutions shared the lessons learned from developing mobile identity infrastructure in the Republic of Azarbaijan. Presenting the Asan Imza Mobile ID as a case study, Mr. Gussev explained why mobile identity is the solution that is best suited to face a digital future.

“We strongly believe that mobile identity is the future. Not only have people clearly been going more mobile over recent years, but mobile ID also ticks all the boxes of: Simplicity, Accessibility, Security and Scalability,” Mr. Gussev highlighted.

Outlining the benefits of Asan Imza Mobile ID in Azerbaijan, Mr. Gussev also discussed how the solution enabled the development of the e-trade and e-commerce platform Digital Trade Hub and the government’s m-Residency program: “These solutions, and many more, are all possible thanks to the secure and well-established mobile ID infrastructure that has been developed in Azerbaijan. With the right strategy and solutions, any country can do the same.”

Following the presentation, participants had the chance to engage with the presenters in breakout room sessions, where Mr. Gussev was joined by B.EST Solutions CEO Jana Krimpe to further discuss the implementation of mobile identity as well as the associated interoperability solutions in other countries.

The event provided a great opportunity to engage with a truly international audience on the important topic of digital identity and explore different solutions available for countries to deliver on the promise of digitalisation.

All recordings of the keynote presentations from the event are available here.

B.EST Solutions is also featured in the e-Estonia Briefing Centre’s DigiExpo.

Cover photo by Marek Metslaid.