Seamless online prolongation available for mobile-ID “Asan Imza” in Azerbaijan

For ensuring security, trust and access regarding remote business, it is significant for digital infrastructure in Azerbaijan to continuously provide an extensive range e-services for citizens. With a view to eliminating the impact of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) on the business environment and considering numerous requests, B.EST Solutions- the technical operator of “Asan Imza” and the Digital Trade Hub partner presents a comfortable solution for citizens to be able to keep on using mobile electronic signature “Asan Imza”.

So, now “Asan Imza” certificate users will be able to prolong their certificates for the next 3 years online on a single taxpayer Internet portal no later than 30 days before the expiration date of certificate. Later or after the expiration date, online prolongation procedure will not be available, and a user will need to visit the service office for certificate prolongation. A detailed instruction for online prolongation is available through this link.

It is important to note that all procedures for issuing electronic identity, which also includes “Asan Imza”, are strictly regulated by the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On electronic signatures and electronic documents” dated on March 9, 2004 and Resolution No. 27 of the Cabinet of Ministers “on the approval of some of the normative legal acts for electronic signature and electronic document in the Republic of Azerbaijan ” dated by January 28, 2006. “Asan Imza” is equivalent to a handwritten signature and hence all procedures for user identification, security, compliance with all international cryptography standards are strictly followed to ensure the interests of both users and service providers. “Asan Imza” issuance is as comprehensively regulated as the issuance of any other identification document.

More than 1000 electronic services offered by public and private organizations are available with “Asan Imza” mobile electronic signature. By means of mobile identity, one may get access to vital electronic services, such as filing electronic tax returns; online credit; declaring goods and vehicles at customs; electronically registering notifications of employment contracts; online registering for admission to institutions; applying for mortgage; social insurance; internet and mobile banking.

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