New World Economic Forum toolkit: Deploying blockchain in supply chains

Over the past year, experts from B.EST Solutions Estonia – a fast growing Estonian IT company and partner in building e-solutions all over the world – have worked with the World Economic Forum and 100+ organisations to create a toolkit for the responsible deployment of blockchain in supply chains.

Contributing experts Jana Krimpe, Kateryna Isirova and Oleksandr Potii hope that it will help organisations embed best practices and avoid costly mistakes from the outset of their deployments through insights from real-life deployments and interactive tools such as checklists and spreadsheets.

COVID-19 has put a spotlight on existing challenges and gaps in global supply chains. To help organisations as they look forward to the future, the World Economic Forum has accelerated the release of its toolkit: “Redesigning Trust: Blockchain Deployment Toolkit, Supply Chain Focus.”

“And you might ask, what’s the benefit of digitalising the supply chain. Simple. A country that can’t have or lacks seamless e-trade capabilities – can’t have strong economic ties, because having an economic relationship is a form of trading itself. This toolkit will help everyone to understand more about digital identity and to make it accessible as possible.” –  said Jana Krimpe, Co-Chair, Global Alliance for National Mobile Identities; Partner & Founder, B.EST Solutions.

“…There are many lessons to learn from the current pandemic and this toolkit is a starting point for improving long-term pandemic preparedness and accelerating an economic recovery led by public-private cooperation.” said Nadia Hewett, Blockchain and Digital Currency Project Lead, World Economic Forum USA.

The toolkit was created by the World Economic Forum with the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network Fellows from Hitachi, Deloitte and Saudi Aramco. Among the many others who contributed to its development, in over 50 countries, were the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution UAE, the Port of Los Angeles, Latham & Watkins, Cardiff Business School, University of Berkeley, Tech Mahindra, Maersk Angola, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, and the World Food Program. Full contributor and project community list available here.