Asan İmza and Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan were represented to the delegation of the Republic of Uganda.

Baku, 18 March 2019

On September 23rd the delegation led by Mr. Wilson Muruli Mukasa, the Minister of Public Services of Uganda was welcomed and delivered comprehensive information about the activities and aims of national digital identity Asan İmza and Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan within the framework of AZINNEX Consortium. The delegation also got acquainted with activities of companies such as “Neuron Technologies” and “SİNAM”.

“B.EST Solutions” Company representatives provided wide information about Mobile-ID Asan İmza and Digital Trade Hub. Mobile ID Asan İmza is integrated into various public and private electronic services, including the integration of Asan İmza with portal, developed by the Center for Economic Reforms Analysis and Communication under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the public-private partnership principle.

The Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan is a project initiated by presidential decree in early 2017 to strengthen the country’s leading position in the Caucasus region and beyond. The DTH enables foreign and local businesses to prepare and sign import/export documents and other agreements electronically as well as access to local and cross-border e-services and e-Trade.

About «Asan İmza»:

Due to the mobility solution and easiness to use, «Asan İmza» is gaining popularity among citizens and business, and is the key component of m-government. At the moment more than 600 Public and private electronic services use «Asan İmza» in their systems. «Asan İmza» has been integrated with the call-centers of various governmental and private organizations, it is used for submitting the electronic customs declarations, declaration of goods and vehicles in customs service, registration of labour agreement notifications, on-line application to the educational institutions etc.

About portal and Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan:

«Asan İmza» has been integrated with portal, presented by the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communications of Azerbaijan and follows the «Made in Azerbaijan» concept proclaimed in the country. Today the portal supports exporting goods manufactured in Azerbaijan and collaborates with such global trade platforms as,, Wholesale and

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, additional measures are taken to expand the international trade and strengthen the portal as a Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan. According to this Decree «Asan İmza» will be issued to the foreign citizens in all diplomatic representatives of Azerbaijan all around the world. Due to that, «Asan İmza» is also a new revolutionary cross-border project for Islamic countries.

About «AZINNEX»:

Azerbaijan Innovation Export Consortium – AZINNEX was established in 2017 upon an initiative of Azerbaijan International Development Agency (AIDA) founded within the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and incorporates 10 Azerbaijani companies specialized in the field of innovations and ICT. The main mission of the consortium is to introduce innovative, competitive and quality products and services to the world ICT market from Azerbaijan. AZINNEX offers innovative solutions for various sectors of the economy: education, medicine, e-government, tourism and other.