Estonian Presidential delegation visit to the UAE

B. EST Solutions shared its Mobile-ID and Digital Trade Hub in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

As a part of the high-level Estonian delegation, B.EST Solutions – headed by Mr. Robert Adigazalov, Partner, Mr. Daniil Gussev, CSO and Mr. Rico Adigazalov, CBDO, had a business visit from 8th to 13thof  September 2019 the United Arab Emirates. The opening of the first Estonian Embassy in Abu Dhabi nailed the significance of the visit, which was committed under the patronage of the Estonian President H.E Ms Kersti Kaljulaid.

The visit reflected multilateral meetings and fruitful discussions in terms of exchange of ideas, sharing presentations on Best Solutions services (Digital-ID and Digital Trade Hub) with the representatives from Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, and the World Energy Congress. 

H.E Mrs. Kersti Kaljulaid

As a continuation of the trip, the delegation of B.EST Solutions, within a future perspective to participate at EXPO 2020 in Dubai exhibiting at the Estonian national pavilion, had an orientation visit to the location. The trip was then followed by serial meetings with the Dubai Future Foundation, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Sheikh Hamdan’s Private Office and American University of Sharjah Research Park where extension on future cooperation has been underlined. Additionally, B.EST Solutions Company had the opportunity to present Asan İmza Mobile-ID service and the Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan to the representatives from the Emirate of Sharjah

Dubai Chamber of Commerce

About Asan İmza:

Asan İmza is the national mobile-ID of Azerbaijan that citizens can get from Azercell, Bakcell, Azerfon and Pasha Bank. People have made more than 90 million transactions with it, making digital life more easy, secure and simple. You can use it to access 650+ electronic services from banking, tax and university to public e-services in a fast, secure and convenient way 24/7. Thanks to it, Azerbaijan is one of the leading countries in cyber security regarding e-identity. 

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About B.EST Solutions: 

B.EST Solutions is a trusted partner operating Asan İmza. For managing the solution, its people have been awarded and recognized by Google and the Financial Times, the U.S State Department and German Marshall Fund, OECD’s Observatory of Public Sector Innovation amongst many. B.EST Solutions has been promoting and representing Azerbaijan at top major conferences around the world, fostering co-operation, foreign direct investments and cross-border trade with the goal of increasing the national wealth of Azerbaijan.

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Digital Trade Hub (DTH) of Azerbaijan:

DTH facilitates cross-border e-services such as e-customs, e-invoicing, e-banking, the opening of a company, taxes and accounting as well as e-document management including certificates of origin, phytosanitary documents, shipping documents and many more. DTH provides an unprecedented opportunity to connect to global markets. It allows the seamless trade of goods on a broad scale and makes a profound impact locally, regionally and globally.

The technology behind DTH is vendor-neutral and supports unlimited speed and traffic volume. It is not a cloud solution and each country as a system owner may download it and install it into their own environment. Governments have full control of their own data and its usage. After that, they can easily make a secure data exchange with any other country’s DTH. 

DTH strives to become the Amazon or Alibaba of a country with a cross-border e-commerce platform that simplifies export procedures for local SMEs, all verified by the state. DTH connects different stakeholders and policy areas across sectors, borders and institutions, making it easy to move goods legally between countries. 

OECD published case study for B.EST Solutions Digital Trade Hub in the Republic of Azerbaijan since 2017 andthe DTH in Azerbaijan was recognised as an outstanding innovation as it generated $475 million worth of goods ordered in the first year of activity, contributing to the increase of non-oil exports by 27%.Read more at: