Azerbaijan company «B.EST Solutions» have become an associated member of EU FutureTrust project

Azerbaijan company «B.EST Solutions» have become an associated member of EU FutureTrust project, aimed at supporting the practical implementation of electronic identification (eID) regulation and trusted services for electronic transactions (eIDAS) in Europe and beyond. The project is funded within the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020).

The main objective of the FutureTrust project is to develop comprehensive, flexible, confidential and publicly accessible components of trust infrastructure for Europe, by providing full support to the project participants. The project is supposed to become a significant resource for all parties involved, while the FutureTrust associated partners get an access to the base of fundamental researches in e-ID and trustworthy services. The project associated members, in return, commit themselves to support standardization process in relevant areas, by providing Open Source software components to ease the use of eID and electronic signature technology in real world applications. In particular, the FutureTrust project will extend the existing European Trusted List (TL) infrastructure towards a “Global Trust List”, develop a comprehensive Open Source Validation Service as well as a scalable Preservation Service for electronic signatures and seals. The project also includes the development of models for cross-border application of e-signatures between EU and non-EU countries.

At the moment the FutureTrust project unites 16 partners from Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, Great Britain, Portugal, Serbia, Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and other European countries. Admission of «B.EST Solutions» as a project member required the approval of all project participants, including such Public structures as The Federal Computing Centre of Austria, Federal Office of Administration Germany at the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the entire federal administration, Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia and others.

«B.EST Solutions» activity is mainly focused on development of efficient solutions for e-government and private businesses, as well as provision of digital ID and Mobile ID services. The company is one of the key participants in foundation and development of e-government in Azerbaijan, who implemented the «ASAN İmza» Mobile ID technology.

«B.EST Solutions» will actively use the resources and opportunities provided by the FutureTrust project to increase awareness of the international community on Azerbaijan technology of «ASAN İmza» Mobile ID, to maximize the involvement of Azerbaijan in developing cross-border services with EU and globally, as well as increase the country’s ICT export and investment capacity abroad. It is necessary to emphasize that «B.EST Solutions» is a member of AZINNEX (Azerbaijan Consortium of Export Innovations) Consortium, an initiative of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan ASAN Xidmət, and will represent the interests of all members Azerbaijan Innovation Export Consortium.