«ID DIALOGUES: SMART Mobile Azerbaijan» Conference arranged by «B.EST Solutions» Company was held in Baku

«ID DIALOGUES: SMART Mobile Azerbaijan» Conference which was organized by «B.EST Solutions», a national operator of «Asan İmza» Mobile-ID in Azerbaijan took place on June 14, 2017 in Baku.

One of today’s most innovative and perspective directions are mobile technologies, providing the unlimited opportunities to the users not only within megalopolis but also in the regions. The conference was devoted to the new trends and tendencies in providing innovative services by using Asan Imza for mobile operators. The achievements of innovative Azerbaijan and such projects as m-Residency based on Asan Imza – the key to the Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan electronic services, integrated with Asan Imza, the newest financial services and payment systems using the Mobile-ID were demonstrated during the conference. The new methods of Asan Imza use, such as eSIM, mobile wallets, NFC payments, Internet of Things and many other topics were also covered.

Among the experts were regional leaders in these questions and representatives of Azerbaijani banks and mobile operators from Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Morocco, Brazil, France, and Iran, who shared their innovative experience and discussed the critical topics of the conference agenda. The following presenters took floor at the «ID DIALOGUES: SMART Mobile Azerbaijan» conference: Mr. Zaur Gardashov – a head of e-services and director of Azexport.az portal of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communications of Azerbaijan.

Mrs. Jana Krimpe – Founder and CEO, B.EST Solutions, «Asan İmza» Mobile-ID operator in Azerbaijan. Mr. Jorge Rovira – Director Telecom Division, Sales & Marketing, Valid S.A. Mr. Daniil Gussev – Sales Director «B.EST Solutions Estonia». Mr. Jürgen Niinre – an International Expert (Telia). Mr. Bertrand Moussel – Member of the Board, SIM Alliance. Mr. Pierre Lassus – Global Director Software & Services. Valid S.A.

It is to emphasize that the «ID DIALOGUES: SMART Mobile Azerbaijan» Conference will become regular and continues the conference «Innovations and Mobile identity in Azerbaijan – new type of digital integration with Europe» initiated by the EU Parliament in 2014 in Brussels and organized with the assistance of a European Parliament and Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan Republic. Within the conference, for the first time in history the interstate memorandum between the EU country – Estonia and Azerbaijan was digitally signed by means of the Azerbaijani Asan İmza and the Estonian Mobile ID’s. The event was a major step on the way of creating a new level of international relations, i.e. digital integration and laid the foundation for the development of a digital trade hub of Azerbaijan.

The Memorandum was signed between the ASAN certification center of the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan, represented by Deputy Minister of Taxes Sahib Alekperov, and SK Estonian Certification Center in the person of their CEO Kalev Pihl. At that conference, the Chairman of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Inam Karimov stressed that the “ASAN İmza” service will facilitate the establishment of relations between Azerbaijan and the EU.