«Asan İmza» was presented at the European Forum on Electronic Signature and Trust Services – EFPE 2017

The XVII international European Forum on Electronic Signature and Trust Services – EFPE 2017 was held on June 6 – 7 in Szczecin, Poland. The forum is the biggest international event in Europe, devoted to electronic trust services (including electronic signature and PKI), as well as electronic identity and security. The forum has become the great site for presenting the vision of tendencies by the specialists representing different international academic, Public and business organizations. This year more than 120 participants from nearly 20 countries of Europe and Asia participated in the forum.

Among the topics discussed during the EFPE the overview of the state of implementation e-signature standard in European Union regulation – eIDAS; changes of qualified trust services on the domestic and European market; innovative technologies and solutions in terms of digital identification and mobile e-services; trust services model in Europe, good practice and experiences in terms of security and availability of mobile e-services and cloud technology; new European standards in data protection, as well as Benefits from trust services implementation in document workflow systems, e-banking and in telecommunication services discussed during the forum.

The experts in electronic trust services development from Poland, Germany, USA, UK, France, Belgium, Russia and other countries were invited for discussion. Azerbaijan was presented by the Mrs. Jana Krimpe, the head of the Azerbaijani company “B.EST Solutions”, the operator of “Asan İmza” mobile digital signature service.

Her topic «Mobile ID – secure key to the Digital Trade Hub in Azerbaijan and cross-border e-services» was presented on the first day of the forum. It was noticed that «Asan İmza» Mobile-ID provides ubiquitous and secure access to the Public and private electronic services and is an equivalent to a handwritten signature on the legislative level. It fully meets the EU eIDAS and the highest National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards. Being an irreplaceable tool in all spheres of the economy, the PKI-based «Asan İmza» enables certifying identity and use the electronic signature, equivalent to a handwritten signature in accordance with the law on electronic signature of the Republic of Azerbaijan, that makes it an excellent tool in e-services development issue.

«At the moment more than 500 Public and private electronic services use «Asan İmza» in their systems. «Asan İmza» has been integrated with the call-centers of various governmental and private organizations, it is used for submitting the electronic customs declarations, declaration of goods and vehicles in customs service, registration of labor agreement notifications, on-line application to the educational institutions etc. «Asan İmza» also participates in a new revolutionary cross-border project for Islamic countries with ISESCO », – Mrs. Jana Krimpe said.

The «Asan İmza» integration with Azexport.az portal, which was presented by the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communications of Azerbaijan and follows the «Made in Azerbaijan» concept proclaimed in the country was of particular interest. Today the portal supports exporting goods manufactured in Azerbaijan and collaborates with such global trade platforms as Alibaba.com, eBay.com, Wholesale and All.biz. It was noticed that in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, additional measures are taken to expand the international trade and strengthen the Azexport.az portal as a Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan. According to this Decree «Asan İmza» will be issued to the foreign citizens in all diplomatic representatives of Azerbaijan all around the world.

“Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan” is a global system for the implementation of cross-border electronic services, a new era in the development of economic and trade relations between countries and business. I want to emphasize that, according to the Presidential Decree, we have already begun to introduce the cross-border recognition of mobile and electronic signatures and electronic services between the European Union and Azerbaijan,” Jana Krimpe said in her speech.

Due to the recently launched single AsanDoc.az portal, enabling signing any required e-document by means of «Asan İmza» Mobile-ID, the communication with Public institutions and Azerbaijani banks has become convenient and legal. It also simplified the document circulation between the private companies.