Recent projects: E-Mortgage platform

The "E-Mortgage" platform was developed for the Mortgage and Credit Guarantee Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the aim to improve the mortgage lending mechanism as well as to increase transparency

The respective task was given in accordance with the Presidential Decree #940 dated July 22th 2016 to establish the “E-Mortgage” system and integrate it with the “E-Government” portal, and ensure transmission of data from the information systems of relevant government organizations. As the continuation of the given tasks, the “Regulations on the “E-Mortgage” system” was approved by another Decree #1126 signed by the President of Azerbaijan Republic on November 24th 2016.

Benefits for the citizens

The implementation of the “E-Mortgage” system serves the purpose of simplifying citizens access to mortgage lending, creating equal conditions and opportunity for those wishing to obtain mortgage loans, ensuring transparency and efficiency of operability of mortgage applications as well as using modern ICT achieving saving of time and resources by means of receiving required documents in real time and thus increase of the quality and efficiency of the rendered services.

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