“Asan Imza” featured as the best practice in worldwide report

Azerbaijan’s Mobile ID – “Asan Imza” was featured as the best practice case in the joint report published by Secure Identity Alliance and OnePoint - “Giving Voice to Digital Identities Worldwide”.

Azerbaijan’s Mobile ID – “Asan Imza” was featured as the best practice case in the joint report published by Secure Identity Alliance and OnePoint – “Giving Voice to Digital Identities Worldwide”.

Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) in partnership with OnePoint, recently produced “The Giving Voice to Digital Identities Worldwide report” charting the current state of government-led digital and mobile identity projects across the globe.

The aim of the project was twofold. First, to highlight specificities of different digital ID schemes as well as explore innovative use cases, governance & processes, technological choices, and go-to market strategies. Second, to understand the drivers of decision-making and benefit from best practices shared by key actors.

The report compiled key insights and experiences gathered from official and documented analytical sources, as well as a cross analysis of 25 interviews with key international actors and country representatives. Highlighting innovative models, lessons learnt and showcasing best practice, this highly visual report analyses ID projects and models from around the world including best practice examples from USA, Canada, Austria, UK, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Estonia, Azerbaijan, India, Singapore and many more.

According to Yannick Ragonneau, Partner at OnePoint, “As transactions move from the physical to the digital world, trusted digital identity is now the cornerstone of a new and growing range of public services. In this report, we give voice to the leaders of the most innovative and challenging identity-led projects across the world – leveraging their ‘on the ground’ insights and perspectives to help public and private policy makers understand the art of the possible.”

Azerbaijan’s “Asan Imza” was featured to exemplify best practice in two areas: digital inclusivity and the trend of digital identification going mobile. In the first category, Azerbaijan was featured next to France and Australia, standing out with the verbal solutions of Mobile ID designed to ensure digital inclusivity in the provision of public services. In the second category, “Think Mobile First”, Azerbaijan’s SIM-based “Asan Imza” solution was highlighted next to Liechtenstein and Italy.

As recognized by multiple experts in the report, the future of identification is mobile. Azerbaijan’s accomplishments in implementing its Mobile ID, place the country as one of the frontrunners of the trend.

“With the uptake of digital ID now at a crucial tipping point, mobile ID is set to become the primary source of digital ID onboarding, verification and authentication for over 3 billion people by 2024,” shares Kristen Teyras, Chair at the SIA Digital ID Workgroup, citing recent findings by Juniper Research. “Next generation mobile ID technologies that support both online and in person identification are already helping to propel pro new era of innovative trusted ID services that are redefining how people interact with public authorities and private sector players,” she observes, referring to the use cases featured in the report.

The study is the result of a joint effort by Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) and OnePoint:

SIA is a non-profit organization, which brings together public, private and non-government organizations to foster international collaboration on the provision of legal and trusted identity for all and the development of inclusive digital identity services.

OnePoint are enterprise transformation architects, guiding their clients from the definition of the strategic vision to its technological implementation.