The new B2B technology has been launched by PASHA Bank

09 January 2018

PASHA Bank has launched a new B2B technology jointly with B.EST Solutions, the operator of the mobile digital signature “Asan İmza”.

Over the years PASHA Bank has become one of the leading banks in Azerbaijan, as well as expanded their activity outside the country, providing service to the Turkish and Georgian customers. PASHA Bank has always been one of the most innovation oriented banks promoting information technologies in order to make them more accessible to the population. Thus, the introduction of the most progressive ones has had a positive impact on the overall increase in the corporate social responsibility level and contributed to the development of corporate business. The partnership of B.EST Solutions and PASHA Bank is an example of mutually beneficial and lasting business relations resulted from understanding the general direction of development of the banking and information environment in Azerbaijan.

B2B technology is a new level of bank commercial transactions between entrepreneurs, which has replaced the old exchange system of paper payment orders. This technology allows PASHA Bank’s client to use digital mobile signature “Asan İmza” to confirm and certify payment orders, standard and urgent payments, as well as tax and other budget transfers electronically. The signed electronic documents are automatically sent to the bank via the B2B channel.

Now the customers of PASHA Bank who use this service will be able to integrate their enterprise resource planning system, ERP and the banking systems, as well as calculate payments using other tools (such as paper medium, Internet banking, mobile applications etc.) via B2B channel in easy and convenient manner.

It should be noted that “Asan İmza” certificates provide not only the security of financial transactions between PASHA Bank and its clients, but also mobility, speed of operations, as well as save funds and human resources.