«Asan İmza» was presented to the Government of Poland

The Ministry of Digital Affairs and Ministry of Development of Poland arranged a seminar dedicated to decentralized eID management which was held on May 10 in Warsaw.

The seminar gathered the representatives of the Public and strategic sectors of economy to share their vision on launching the first pilot project on implementation of the Distributed Ledger Technology – DLT within the public administration, which is going to be eID management in decentralized architecture.

It should be mentioned that The Ministry of Digital Affairs of Poland considers the issue of adopting the blockchain technology, believing it will push the digitization of the Public services. Founded in 2015 the Ministry is the governmental agency, whose mission is to create the digital impulse for Poland’s development. Bitcoin and blockchain, along with the Internet of Things, have been assigned to the accelerating and revolutionary technologies to promote the development and progress and might cause the previously unknown risks. The seminar was to become the platform to exchange the expertise within this area in different countries, promote the new national and international technology initiatives, as well as support the influential dialogue with European commission and the government of Poland.

Among the invitees to discuss the Distributed Ledger Technology were experts from IBM, the UK, the Netherlands and other European countries. One of the invited experts was Mrs. Jana Krimpe, a CEO of Azerbaijani company «B.EST Solutions», which is an “Asan-Imza” e-signature operator. “Asan-Imza” Mobile-ID and e-signature service provides extensive and safe access to the Public and private electronic services and is equated with a nationwide identity on the legislative level. Being an irreplaceable tool in all economic spheres, «Asan İmza», based on the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), enables identifying the person, signing the document electronically, which is an equivalent to a handwritten signature according to the the law on electronic signature of the Republic of Azerbaijan.