Asan Imza is integrated to “e-QRANT” system of Science Development Foundation

The qualified mobile electronic signature service “Asan İmza” is integrated to the “Electronic grant projects management system” – “e-QRANT” of the Science Development Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

It should be noticed that in this regard, the relevant contract on connection to the innovative qualified mobile-e-signature service of “Asan Imza” was signed between B.EST Solutions company – the operator of “Asan Imza” service and Scientific Development Foundation. The contract envisages the use of “Asan Imza” service in the electronic system of “E-QRANT”, which operates for the submission of documents of different character for funding of scientific projects via grants.

Besides, Science Development Foundation and B.EST Solutions company announce a special preliminary campaign for scientists on obtaining of Asan Imza service for free. According to the rules of campaign, until the end of February, scientists could obtain “Asan Imza” service free by using the certificate that will be given them by Science Development Foundation and B.EST Solutions company. In order to get Mobile ID, scientists should approach to “ASAN xidmət” center No. 1 and submit the relevant documents. The scientists, who wish to take part in a competition “Integration of science-education”, as well as the researchers of the institutes of National Academy of Science and the Ministry of Education will firstly get the chance to take advantage of this.

Mobile ID service opens broad opportunities in front of scientist and experts for submission of various documents and scientific projects to the electronic system of Foundation.